Zynga Live Chat(100 % Working)

People are getting crazy nowadays especially with the arrival of Farmville Flea Market where others have already been accumulating lot of Farm Cash for selling their old stuffs while others were left behind. According to Zynga, the Flea Market is still on a rolling out to farmers but mostly claimed they don't have it yet as to this posting. If you don't have a Flea Market, don't you worry because the only remedy to get Farm Cash is to contact Farmville Support Team through a LIVE CHAT. However, many people are having difficulty in getting this kind of support. At any rate we'll teach you step by step to get it 100% by just simply following the steps. As per report, most of the Zynga Agents are giving Farm Cash  or any other items to those who made their complaint through the Live Chat. In short, getting a live chat is really something. Live Chat is Farm Cash
Here's the Step by Step Guide on How To Get the Live Chat

1. Open your Farm and click Support located at the bottom of your game

2. Click Empires And Allies at the left side bar.

3. Let the Empires And Allies Chat Live appeared.

4.Press the Ctrl Key in your computer keyboard ( do not released) , Click Empire And Allies Live Chat ( do not released), then  click Farmville directly below the Empire And Allies at the left side bar.

 5. Check the menu bars on top and look for Farmville Chat. Enter your data and there you are, you've got the Live Chat.

Note: Check the chat window above your game if you get the Farmville Live Chat, if it's still E&A Live Chat, repeat the step by holding down your Ctrl key and click E&A Live Chat once more, then click Farmville and released the Ctrl after 30 seconds. Check ..I'm sure you've done it!

By-:Pranav Punjani