Request Materials

Volcano Reef
Here is a list of all the possible build-able buildings and request links to ask their parts to friends... Just click the respective image to open its request link in a new tab...

Note: Sometimes, the link will not directly open the requests page, and might take you to the Gifting page, Neighbor Invite page, or some other page of the game... Just refresh the page a couple of times and you should get the actual requests page...

Market Stall Expansions:
Market StallPrice CardsAwningsBaskets
Various Land & Sea Treasures (Hawaii):

Extra Large Sea TreasuresExtra Large Buried TreasuresSmall CrowbarsLarge CrowbarsSmall Fishing NetsLarge Fishing Nets

Volcano Reef (Hawaii):

Volcano ReefStony Coral PiecesVolcano MonitorsBaby Fishes

Aquaria/Water Animal Pen:

AquariaBuoysFiltersOcean Rocks

Recipe Mastery Billboard:

Recipe Billboard Stage 5Farmville Sand PaperFarmville Wood GlueFarmville Clamps

Baby Bunny Hutch:

Farmville Baby Bunny HutchFarmville Wood BlockFarmville Baby Carrot BunchFarmville Hutch WireFarmville Branch BallFarmville Bunny TunnelFarmville Bunny Bed


   BrushesSalt LicksBaby Blankets

Tree Mastery Billboard:

Farmville Tree Mastery BillboardScaffoldingsMasking TapesWood Stains

Animal Mastery Billboard:

Crop Mastery Billboard:


Cove (Lighthouse):


Winter Waterwheel:


Train Station (Winter Wonderland Farm):

Snow Treasures (Winter Wonderland Farm):


Storage Cellar (Use any one - Preferably the 20 Shovels Pack):


Feed Mill:


Winter Animal Pen:

Cow Pasture & Winter Cow Pasture:
Horse Paddock & Winter Horse Paddock:


Livestock Pen:






Pet Run:


Wildlife Habitat:


Crafting Silo:




Horse Stable:


Nursery Barn:


Duck Pond:




All Orchards/Sheep Pen/Pig Pen/Garage (common materials required for all):


Other General Stuff:

Stuff with only 'Send to' Links: