Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Farmville Unreleased Yarn Barn!

Farmville will soon be releasing the Yarn Barn, an all new crafting building with it’s own unique recipes which will caryy a alot of fun. Check below to see the info and images we have found on it, and remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful & know more about it. . .

Many farmers expressed their appreciation for the Dairy Barn, due to it being an independent feature, requiring no neighbor interaction or crop planting . . . well, it seems Zynga has noticed, and has plans to soon introduce the Yarn Barn, with a similar set up- with stations you can harvest for ingredients, and other stations where you can use the ingredients to make even more crafts.
Similarly, we will most likely be receiving rewards for filling orders for crafted items, along the same lines as the Dairy Barn. Most images are still invisible for this new feature, but we’ve found several images of ingredients and crafts you will be using in this new building, as well as possible prizes for filling orders:

Ingredients and Crafts

Wool Thread

Cotton Thread

Star Puffy Yarn

Wool Yarn

Angora Yarn

Alpaca Yarn

Cotton Yarn

Angora Scarf

Friendship Bracelet

Wool Rug

Wooly Socks

Sock Puppet

Crochet Blanket

Rainbow Scarf


Bedazzled Beret


Sew Glove-ly

Red Sweater

Cuddly Sweater

FV Sparkle Sweater

Sweater Dress

Dress to Impress

Possible prizes for filling orders:

Spool Tree

Yarn Ball

Crochet Tree

Buttons & Beads Tree

Fleeced Ewe

Crochet Pegacorn

Mitten Kitten

Yarn Basket

And finally, a look at the Yarn Barn itself:

That’s all the info we have for now. Keep checking back, as we will be sure to update with more potential craft and prize images whenever they become available. And remember to share the post if you find it helpful.

Farmville Masters

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