Monday, 18 February 2013

Unreleased Early Spring Personality

With the winter coming to an end, Farmville is all set to welcome the spring with a brand new voting event, The Early Spring Personality…  Farmville will give you the chance to show your neighbors how you want to welcome the spring, and make them vote for you, in order to win some new and exclusive rewards… Do check the post for more info of what we have gathered for the new event, and do share with your friends in case you find this helpful!

Voting is set to start on 19th of February, 2013 and end on 12th of March, 2013.

A look at the different stages of the building, followed by a high resolution image of the final stages:

Below are details of the various levels of voting, and the expected prizes to be won:

Petal Sheep
Snowflake Sheep
Baby Porcupine
Snuggly Porcupine
Fisherman Gnomette
Sledding Gnome
Tanning Duck
Speed Skiing Duck
Mulled Wine Tree
Sangria Tree
Arching Trees
Snowball Fort
Rain Coat Cub
Snowy Cub
Fire Roasting Pig
Spring Gnome House
Winter Gnome House
Cleaning Cow
Storage Cow
Common Laburnum Tree
Ice Laburnum Tree
Batter Horse
Football Horse

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