Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hawaii Paradise: Sea Treasure Prizes

Extra Large Sea Treasures

The new Hawaii farm has a lot of surprises in store for the player… One among them is the various Sea Treasures spread all around the water in the Island… Wondering what’s covered under these treasures? Here is a spoiler if you want to know

(Hover mouse over the images for their respective names)

Small Sea Treasure:

Small Sea TreasuresForward Arrow_thumb[3]Recovered Reef AnchorSea SlugPink Coral

Medium Sea Treasure:

Medium Sea TreasuresForward Arrow_thumb[4]Steam VentDark Ocean RockJellyfishSurfer on a Wave

Large Sea Treasure:

Large Sea TreasuresForward Arrow_thumb[5]Decorated HutManta RaySheep Kayak

Extra Large Sea Treasure:

Extra Large Sea TreasuresForward Arrow_thumb[6]Hawaiian Shirt SeahorseTailskipping DolphinCruise ShipLuxury YachtPacific Whale WhiteWhirlpoolSchool of Fish

This is a confirmed list, but there might be some additions to it as and when new expansions become available… So, Stay tuned…

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