Wednesday, 17 August 2011

FarmVille Master's Reminder: English Countryside Quests Ending August 31st 2011

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Recently FarmVille announced that the English Countryside Quests would be ending soon. Please note, this does not include the latest Fairy quests or other FarmVille quests on your Home farm, this is specifically pertaining to English Countryside (EC) quests.
For those of you who have not yet finished up the EC quests this will be your last opportunity to complete the quests and earn their exclusive rewards. Some of the quest rewards are well worth your effort. Most notably, Transferable Storage (ability to transfer stored items between Home farm and English Countryside farm) and a fancy Castle are exclusive rewards for completing the last EC quest.
English Countryside Quests are set to end on August 31st 2011.
You can reference our FarmVille Freak Quests guides to help you get through these quests much quicker by learning in advance what objectives you will need to complete. For example, taking a quick look a the Quest Master Guide will tell you which crops you’ll need to grow so that you can plant accordingly. For your convenience we have included links to the FarmVille Freak master guides below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

FarmVille English Countryside
FarmVille Masters English Countryside Quest Master Guides 
(Click on Master Guide to visit FarmVille Masters article.)
Master Guide 1 (Quests 1-13)
Master Guide 2 (Quests 1-9)
Master Guide 3 (Quests 1 -8)
Master Guide 4 (Quests 1-4)
Master Guide 5 (Quests 1-5)

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