Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Get Unlimited Love Potion for Breeding!


Love Potion
Here is a New FarmVille Glitch / Hack
To Get  Unlimited Love Potion for Breeding!
  • A Dummy Account
  • Charles Web Proxy Program 
Step 1:Setting up your farm for the glitch.
Your farm must be empty except for one item - a Message Sign. You can use either your Home farm or your English Countryside farm. 

Step 2:Setting up Charles.
Turn on Charles with both Recording on and Breakpoints on after you have completed Step 1.

Step 3:Set up the Glitch on your farm
(i) Delete the message sign. Charles Breakpoints will pop up, but ignore it for now.
(ii) Open the Market, then close the Market.
(iii) Repeat step (ii).

Step 4:Set up the Glitch in Charles
(i) Click Abort on the Breakpoint you ignored earlier.
(ii) When the next Breakpoint comes up, close your farm, and turn off Breakpoints.
Click Abort on the Breakpoint that is showing.

You should end up with Charles looking like this:

Looking at the Request on the last X'ed (Aborted) item, there should be 3 subfolders under Folder [1] - the deletion of the message sign, and 2 from opening the market.

Step 5:
Highlight the last X'ed item and click on the pencil icon shown below:

Step 6: A Pencil item will appear at the bottom of the list. Highlight it, and open folder [1] as shown below:

Step 7: Change UserService.publishUserAction to AnimalBreedingService.onAskForBreedingItem, Change VisitMarket to gk.

Step 8: Click the Execute button, and check the response in the new item that comes into the list.

The link you need is in folder [2], not [1]. Add before the text in the link, and delete the end of the link that shows &key={*key*} and you will have a link for requesting Love Potions.

You can repeat this as many times you like now without changing anything else. Highlight the pencilled item and click execute.

Any questions, please Comment Below.

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