Sunday, 10 July 2011

FarmVille Final Birthday Gift is now Giftable

Just when you thought FarmVille’s second birthday celebration was over- a new and final giftable Birthday Gift pops up on the FarmVille free Gifting Page.
You can send and receive this Birthday Gift with your FarmVille neighbors similar to free Mystery Gifts. What’s inside is a surprise, but you can read below for confirmed prize spoilers.

FarmVille Birthday Gift
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Confirmed Birthday Gift Prizes:
  • FarmVille Rainbow Apple Tree
  • FarmVille Arjuna Tree
  • FarmVille Durian Tree
  • FarmVille Bottle
  • FarmVille Heart Teddy Bear
  • FarmVille Party Duck
  • FarmVille Birthday Sheep
  • FarmVille Fireworks
Will you be opening any FarmVille Birthday Gifts?

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